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Which is good in the plane and a name


Which is good in the plane and a name

General men\’s bedroom will find some uncommon items, long and women\’s body parts are quite similar, all men who love \”playing aircraft\” will face a problem when choosing sex supplies, but for a newbie For example, the choice of masturbation is a problem that needs to be considered. Airplane Cup Which is better? Today, Xiaobian will comprehensively analyze the differences and characteristics of the aircraft cups and monk, helping you to make reasonable to buy your own sex toys. First, the ratio cost The aircraft cup In order to protect the user\’s per experience, in addition to the high-end aircraft cup, most of them are one-time design, not long, but compare Cheap, and the name of the product can be used for 1-2 years if it is cleaned, but the price is more expensive. Therefore, it is very important, consumers can make choices according to their own economy. Adult products franchise brand recommendation Two, more profile: aircraft cup shape hidden, famous instrument realistic The plane of the plane is used to play the plane, it is called a cup is Because hidden under the appearance of the cup, it is a soft synthetic resin or silicone, so that the appearance is more concealment, you can put it at home, even if you are a guest\’s family, you can also have a happy laugh, for frequent business trips It is also convenient to carry. The word of the name of the name is the first to Japan. In ancient times, Japanese men said that the private parts of the private parts were very tight, and they could give the male dust women\’s privacy. Three-dimensional technology reduces women\’s private seminars to simulate molding, so that men who don\’t have the opportunity to communicate with these people can also experience a wonderful pleasure with these people. Madems are realistic because the primary is real, so the shape of the shape is 1: 1 to restore women\’s private parts, the concealedness is very poor, the volume is also larger than the plane cup, so it is better to be in portability and concealment.
Third, the ratio construct: the aircraft cup pays attention to stimulation, the name is paying attention to true Adult products franchise brand recommendation 1, the name of the name: Women\’s YD structure is eye! The name is completely reduced to the female private part of the simulation, from the pleats of the lips, the size of the yin D, the distance between the G point, the tightness of the vagina, the high low of the cervix, etc. The female privacy of the endorsement 1: 1 is restored, just to make you have a true feeling. In the feeling, the name is more than the volume, the soft rubber is more, and the jade column is after entering, although it supports the surrounding inner wall, there is more unilateral soft adhesive support The part of the strain, resulting in a thick \”package sensation\”, the feeling of flesh is like entering the true feelings of the female body cavity, which is difficult to produce this real feeling than that of the flexible plane cup. 2, aircraft cup: a secondary element full of magical colors! On the real, the aircraft cup is more than the name, so the aircraft manufacturers pay more attention to the pleasure when developing aircraft. The aircraft cup structure uses more complex secondary structures than female private parts. This structure creates more intricate irregular geometric jets according to the pleasure of male jade columns, compared to the structure of the real person, this secondary element structure The trenches of the ripples are deeper, more, so the irritation is greater, and the pleasure is more than the names, which can be said that the aircraft cup is an optimization plan for women\’s private parts. In the feeling, because it is not necessary to restrain according to the principle of restoration of the real person, it is more imagined in creativity, there may be three G points, and you can set multiple cervixs, let JJ small boys also You can experience the thrill of the end; and the exaggerated geometric jewelry is designed to form a local vacuum negative pressure belt under each trench. When the jade column is inserted, the air of the negative pressure belt will be excluded to form an adsorption effect. It seems like countless fine tongue on the jade column, and the pleasant feelings brought about by this powerful stimulus are impossible for women\’s private parts, so the plane cup is more winning in the Fast Sensibility. Fourth, more than gameplay: The name is convenient for YY, the aircraft cup helps exercise 1, the true dedication of many girls. On the side of the planeI am afraid that men\’s favorite flying ways, yes, men are visual animals, need full YY space to form an impulse, and the name of the name has natural advantages in this regard. The name is created for repeating the male YY space. They are built according to the true private private parts of the endorsement, let you look at the film that likes women, with their names, and what can be more What is exciting? 2, although the aircraft cup cannot be compared with the real degree of the name, there is another benefit, that is, you can exercise the time of male JJ injection, oh, why?
As mentioned above, the plane cup is not true to restore women\’s private parts, but is more complex and more stronger than the female private parts. If male use this more exciting than real people The structure, then when you change the real person, do you feel so stimulated? Then the injection time will also grow accordingly. So the plane is still a good tool for doing good workout! Adult products franchise brand recommendation Which is better? The above is the answer to everyone. In fact, there is not the best. Only the most suitable for you, everyone follows their actual needs to choose aa

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