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What should I do if my woman\’s sexual desire? Learn these methods to easily solve


What should I do if my woman\’s sexual desire? Learn these methods to easily solve

Female 27 ~ 45 years old, sex life is the most active. In a survey, I found that women in 30 were more \”greed\”. And around 35 years old, women\’s sexual desire. On the one hand, the husband and wife get along with each other, and the relationship is more harmonious, familiar with each other, and enjoy sexual life. At the same time, there is a view that the key factor in determining women\’s sexual desire is male hormones. As the age increases, the level of male hormone in women will increase, so the sexual desire is stronger. The woman \”Thirty Wolf, Forty Tiger\”, this is not wrong, the 40-year-old woman is the most sexy, this kind of speech is not reasonable. So what is the quality of women\’s sexual desire? Please see the detailed introduction below.

Everyone has a lust, and women are not unexpected. There are many women who like masturbation and they like masturbating. However, most people will not choose to say, Xiao love reminds, only use the masturbation method to give women a climax. So how do women have masturbating to gain a climax? Next, I will introduce you to several women\’s masturbating methods for your reference.

1, be careful, it is best not to touch

Many women think that the hymen is in the deep vagina, in fact, in the female vaginal caliber, there is a thin film, the color is pink or translucent, and there is no difference with the surrounding mucosal color. That is, it is a hymen. If you use hard to insert the vagina, it is likely that you will destroy your skin in the vaginal mouth, and your virgin should be careful to touch it.

2, touching the clitoris, can reach the climetage

Adult goods store urethral mouth Above the clitoris, you can wash your hands, you can use the index finger to touch the clitoris, you can also stimulate women to reach a climax, which avoids direct to the vagina, causing vulva damage or \”bleeding\”.

3, masturbating methodVery important, self-touch is the main Touching method, use the finger\’s point to massage every small portion of the body, generally ears, the inside of the thigh, nipple, butt, Cletart, small belly, can be equipped with suitable essential oils, better results.

Adult goods store 4, stimulate private parts with nozzle, feel the special blessing

The water of the shirt is generally strong, according to the survey, when many women have taken a shower alone, they have tried to give the nozzle to their vaginal mouth, which will bring a tickle, and they can make them special Sexuality.

What women have a woman masturbation to how to masturbate? How to masturbate

5, electric massage stick, can assist in massage system Adult goods store

Only 5cm massage sticks sold on the market, can massage the vaginal peripheral. Don\’t think that the automatic vibration is too fast, it is easy to generate itchy, uncomfortable feeling, and the general electric massage stick has a frequency size switch, which can control the speed from me.

6, do not insert the hard object, the size is not suitable

For the virgin, she wants to protect this mysterious film, she must pay special attention to the hard items like self-comfort bats, cucumber, etc., even if they are very small, they can pass the masculine sticks. Don\’t use it, because you don\’t know if your shadow size is small, you can\’t go to the hospital for this matter.

Adult women\’s masturbation 1, friction clitoris

clitoris, is the most Sensitive parts. Many women have to give the clitoris, even if they are not inserted into the vagina.tide.

Specific method: Female can be pressed with middle finger and index finger, knead or turn circle, rub the clitoris, size labia, yuki, or fly to fly, try the thrill of different strokes. Adult goods store

2, leg clip pillow

In addition to using finger coming from comfort In addition, we can also use external objects such as pillows. Clean a pillow between the legs, rub the roots of the thighs, which will also stimulate your vagina and slowly reach the climax. If you use a false mask, you can put the pillow pad below the butt, so you can transform the stimulation position inserted into the vagina.

What women have a woman masturbation to how to masturbate?

3, shower nozzle shock vulva

Because masturbation is a person\’s thing, it is not subject to time and place. It can also be done when taking a bath. Using nozzle shocks outside the lips, this can increase the congestion of the genitals, causing sexual excitement, but don\’t directly spray the vaginal port to avoid injury and infection. However, Xiaobian reminded that in addition to using methods for masturbation, the health of masturbation is also important. Be sure to clean your hands or tools before masturbation.

How to relax before masturbation?

Masturbation, everyone knows, although it can solve the momention of women, some women are so nervous because they are too nervous, so some people ask how to relax before masturbating. ? Specifically: Adult goods store

1, masturbation and discomfort

Masturbation also needs to be prepared, and the following introduces a masturbationThe movement, the specific operation is as follows:
Symptoms the posture of sexual intercourse strokes yourself to relax. Put your hand on the breast or sexual organ, deep cold, gently touch, slowly three, exhale, slow number, then slowly suck down.

Continue the above action until the sexual desire is high, and the whole body is completely completely released. It is calm and relaxation. Adult goods store

2, make a good psychological implicit before masturbation

If you don\’t want to fight, for masturbation, you must first have a healthy psychological understanding. If a woman\’s masturbation is to explore their most enjoyable way through self-pleasure, what kind of touch and fantasy will open or close your sexual desire, which is normal behavior. 3, masturbating before making \”sexual reaction drill\”

The aerobic movement in the gym, masturbation helps to irritate. While stroking, pay attention to the reflection of the body, let the body and the soul respond in the case of your favorite. In the continuous drill, pursue the ultimate and perfect. Adult goods store

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