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What should I do if my sex is not good?


What should I do if my sex is not good?

In the husband and wife life, couple life is a very important thing, and the husband and wife have improved the degree of friendship between people and their wife according to their husband and wife, and then realize the harmony of husband and wife. However, in real life, there are also many male friends who have poor functionality due to various reasons, and the quality of husband and wife is not very good. This situation needs to take some methods.

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Excessive fatigue: physical labor or use the brain to feel fatigue, smoking and drinking lifestyle, the working pressure is too large, It is also easy to premature ejaculation.
Anxiety and depression: anxiety and premature ejaculation is adjusted by the central nervous system. The sexual life of pre-marital prior is often carried out under emotional anxiety, in order to ensure that men have typical ejaculation conditions, it is difficult to change after marriage. The aggravation of psychological burden is also easy to cause erectile dysfunction.
Male genital organ symptoms: penile leather laces are too short, caroid in a diffuse hematomatic edema, a small amount of excited existence and male rapid ejaculation.
Physiological Difference: The early discharge patients were faster than early discharge patients. It may be that due to the high testosterone content in the blood, the adjustment of the critical body fluid during the ejaculation process is improved, the threshold is lowered, the ejaculation center is excited, and the male shooting time is too early.

Masturbation bad habits: Because of masturbation, more worry is discovered and laughing by others, emotional anxiety, in order to quickly ejaculate, slowly develop premature ejaculation habits. Long-term or frequent masturbation, so that central nervous systems are often in an independent excitement and produce human habitual strength.
How to improve the quality of sexual life?
(1) Adjust the convulsion. When male has a crisis of ejaculation, men can remove male genitals or stop convulsions, thereby reluctive tension, and then repair convulsions, repetitive and repetitive postures, depending on the situation.
(2) Stretch the shaft and male testicles. Due to sexual impulses, the monsoon and male testicles are closed and keep it gentle, so in the sexual life, by extending the inboys and testicles into women, it can delay the generation of sexual pleasure, thereby reducing sexual tension, delaying pleasure \’s arrival
(3) Brazing male genital. When male has a crisis of ejaculation, the male genitals will immediately remove women with unnamed and middle thumb, the thumb is around the coronate trough of the penis, the thumb is in the matching position, and the nodules can be adjusted to reduce the body fluid. Each time the extrusion 3 ≤ left and right can release the pressure, which can be carried out again and again.
(4) Changes sexuality. Transverse type, female upper type, seat type can increase sexual life, because men consume less energy, muscles weakness.
(5) Method of pressing mechanical equipment. The pharmacy is usually purchased with similar plaster. Apply on the top of the Turtle to reduce the sensitivity of the penile glans. But is this thing harmful to women? I have no idea. After all, it is a drug and will enter the vagina. In addition, we must wear
. Doing love is usually more time than making love. Although some people say that wearing sex is like wearing a raincoat and show off
(6) Enhanced the resistance. In general, a person\’s life is longer, good health. Therefore, it is said that you should exercise and pay attention to nutrition. Some people say that it is useful to eat three such a whip, perhaps a bit used. However, the role of a specific psychological state is greater than the physiological effect. The improvement of comprehensive physical fitness is even meaningful.
(7) Enhance the body. Sexual is actually a modeling art. It is two people\’s shape art. For example: double skating. We focus on cooperation with each other. Actual experience is that women are good at guided words, men can increase their sexual time, and women can get sufficient demand. Therefore, it is not a good way to find a work experience, premature ejaculation, no physiological symptoms.

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