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What should I do if my husband is derailed? Smart woman doing!


What should I do if my husband is derailed? Smart woman doing!

With the continuous improvement of living standards, people\’s thoughts have also changed, and male friends have more and more cheating phenomena. In the face of this situation, female friends must be calm, don\’t be big, first to change. It is yourself, learn from each other, in order to really defeat each other.

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First, the old public has an affair, how to get along with another woman to save his husband

1. How to deal with another woman

When you know your husband\’s affair, some strong women will go face opposite to another woman, or with a group of relatives and friends to beat and humiliate A woman. In fact, this behavior is harmful to yourself. This will only be very difficult, and another woman\’s injured appearance has become a weak figure, and men will naturally protect themselves. I like to lead women, so I will deepen my husband\’s negative feeling with another woman\’s positive conflict. Promote his relationship with another woman becomes more intimate.
So, patient? No, you should regard another woman as a mirror. You can secretly investigate how your husband and another woman mix it together, then observe the advantages of another woman, and which husband likes another woman. Use another woman as your mirror, compare your strengths and weaknesses, find out your shortcomings, learn from your strengths and weaknesses, so that you easily defeat another woman. When your husband sees your changes, you will not depend on him as before, he will start to care about your changes.
2. What should I do to save my husband?

Men need it is needed, when he found that her husband has an affair, he doesn\’t have to be cruel because of self-esteem. There is no need to blame him, complaining that he has paid so much price for his family, but it was betrayed. You only need to express your most straightforward feelings: You know the truth, feel very sad. Because you attack his number, his rebound will be stronger. When he personally realized his wife, he would begin himself when he was hurt because of his relationship.
At the same time, you should start changing yourself, learn to enjoy life, focusing on husband\’s noteJust move to yourself, spend more time to dress yourself, cultivate your interest, make more friends, let your husband sees your beautiful changes, so that you can create your attractive, let him Love you again.

Second, Marriage Defense War: How to hit the small three, maintain marriage

1. Adjust your mood

In many cases, when the wife knows her husband in deception and affair It is easy to excite. She complained and accused her husband all day. Some people can\’t even resist their anger, spread the husband\’s ugly to the end, forcing husband to divorce. In fact, you can understand it now, but this issue should be resolved. The inexpected behavior will only push your husband to another woman. You should adjust your emotions. Only with stable mood can make the right judgment can be traded to the husband to avoid the vicious development of husband and wife relationships.

2. Understand your husband\’s needs

The famous emotional expert Connected \”To maintain a long-term relationship, the most important thing is to grab the needs of each other.\” So, Think carefully, in your life, you will not lack your place.

Husband\’s deception is large because you can\’t meet his inner needs, so he can only find external women to meet themselves. For example: men generally need to be understood, need, worship, if you are too strong, men can\’t reflect their needs in your body, they will look for another woman outside. Therefore, understand the needs of your husband, you can better solve the correct drugs.
3. Improve self-construction

Many women will think of marriage, do not need to pay attention to their own image, in fact, this idea is wrong, if you ignore your own form after marriage, It will slowly become a \”old woman\” for a long time, and this is when the man\’s career is developing, there is still a temptation, compared to the man, the man is easy to be tempted by the low grade temptation. So, if you want to save your husband, you need to change yourself and improve your building. You know, no matter when a woman is, the appearance is a big weapon. The appropriate changes, the husband will be attracted by you again, and learn to care and understand the husband, when he feels your gentle, it is easy to be Moving.

Third, smart women should learn how to fight with another woman.

When you make sure your husband is really cheating, are you busy with your husband, busy with another woman\’s theory? He didn\’t let your husband returned to you, he felt that there was a tiger in his home, he would throw it every place and let him lose his face. Therefore, we must learn to become a smart woman in order to better fight another woman.

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