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What kind of medicine for men-combustion can be delayed, which is the effect of delayed medicine?


What kind of medicine for men-combustion can be delayed, which is the effect of delayed medicine?

Because the body structure of men and women, The excitement of miranignity is slower than men\’s burning, and the miracigna is like electric irons, and the men\’s combustion is like a light. The electric light is bright , but Electric iron is slowly heated. Special Men\’s Combustion has an ordinary sensitive point for their own combustion energy , a unresential sentence of fashion, a vision may stimulate their fragile psychological line.

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Chinese AIAI The length of time is 5-15 minutes

, and many people think that 45 minutes of AIAI time is more reasonable

. In order to give women to leave a good bed, obtain the initiative of apricot, the men have worked hard Apricot love skills and knowledge, sometimes I still can\’t use the body to meet each other, this time Delayed spray has played a big role, but Men\’s debugging, which effect is good to study. Principle of delay spray

Adult products delivery The action of delayed spray is to apply a drug with anesthetized or stimulating angioplasty to repair the local mucosa in the male agricultural groove site, thereby reducing Dutinine. Sensitivity, delayed drugs have a slight paralysis effect, and will

do the effect of extending men-combustion injection time, the wife\’s evaluation is naturally


There are many reasons for premature ejaculation, and the glans can cause premature ejaculation, especially When the novice is in the road, it is too nervous and excited, and the glans has not yet developed more easily.

Male Burning Delay Drug Spray , mild paralysis can not only extend the time of overseas, but Ding Ding is in the process of housing and yin The friction time is increased, and the surface of the glans is formed to protect the glans and extension time. The effect is very good. The same is substantially the same as the long-handed situation, and the old driver is slowly reached during use. achievement.

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male Burning delay

Adult products delivery The spray can be divided into


Which effect is good? We come to analyze the advantages and disadvantages . First kinds of traditional Chinese medicine,

only affects the physical level , thereby reaching the delay effect, chemical stimulation of neurons, secretory systems, is the minimum side effects. Such spray is not paralyzed, and there is no irritation of Tintiome, so there is a non-flavor (non-paralyzed nerve), not burning. Among them, there is a bone-shaped structure in the lilac extract, which can directly excite the blood cell flow rate in the capillary, and does not cause irritation of the cell body. Blood cells in capillaries can quickly decompose and transport neuronal cell secretion of neurotransmitters (responsible for transmitting), thereby greatly enhances delayed effects. Advantages It can be delayed and not a feeling of love, Disadvantages

It is used to use the effect.

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Second Western Medicine,

Mild numbness does not lose sensation, This type of delay spray will be added A local anesthetic – – Benzokin (123) , an artificial anesthetic drug, benzoka has a surface anesthesia, and can reduce the sensitive combustion of the DD head to improve the threshold of ejaculation. Some sprays will be added to a hydrochloride-based card or an aminobenzoate cold cream, which has a characteristic that there is a stimulating gas such as alcohol. Overall, Western drug delay spray is to use a certain numbness to exchange fast effects. If it is too frequent, it will be increasing to have anti-drug apricots, so pay attention to the frequency of use. Some delay in the market contains benzo Cartin, so you know why lasting. There is no side effect when male is delayed?

Overall, Male retaining drug spray is a safe who has no side effects. But it is best to purchase a large brand of spray when purchasing, because use inferior spray or fake goods, it is very likely to cause burning sensation, severe numbness, etc. It is worth noting that Some inferior dysfungents will use alcohol to replace benzacin and other desensants Although Benzacin and alcohol have similar stimulating gas flavor, Benzoka\’s taste will be weak. If you can\’t identify, you can also determine according to the numbness of DD, use alcohol\’s inferior delay spray, paralysis is very strong, there is no love in the process of AIAI, get up at the next day, DD There will still be numbness, then you are buying fake. Because of the formal delay spray containing the benzokin in safety measuring, the DD of the men-burning will not be completely lost

cool love

, and there is no discomfort, the effect will be much better.

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When the man in delay is in use,

is applied excessive, the effect will Very strong, it will cause the glans to be too low, so that Ding Ding has a short time. However, it is generally not worried, these symptoms will disappear after a few hours. A small part of the sensitive skin can have allergic symptoms in the use of men-in delay, and there is a symptom of rash, itching. The best way is to make an allergic test in your back to prevent everyone.

delayed spray is used for premature ejaculation?

People have always misunderstand that men-in delay spray is used for premature ejaculation, I am normal, No need!

In fact, it is confused delay spray and drug classes. Delayed spray is Adult products class, Zhuangyang products are drug classes .

Delayed spray normal people can also use, as long as you want to extend your combat time, it can be used, not only the premature ejaculation can use. Delayed spray effect is the powerStronger, weak health products. What kind of spray effect is used, and it can be referred to the Internet.

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delay When the spray is not casually sprayed, the method is also very important ~ 1, it is recommended to apply a small amount in the hand back before using the spray to see if the body is allergic to such spray. 2, cleaning Ding Ding, especially the glans, preventing the tulling of the glans affecting the absorption effect, after cleaning, dry dry or naturally drying with a towel. 3, cover the urethral mouth with your fingers (prevent the solution from being sprayed into the urethra), spray the coronary groove 1-2 times, when spraying Don\’t need too much, don\’t you think out in two hours!

4, massage 2-3 minutes in the way in the abdomen bundle, in order to promote absorb. After spurting, it is recommended to massage the glans and Tintin to fully absorb the active ingredients. This will improve the effect more effectively.

5, using delayed spray needs to be 30 minutes before the room, so that it is fully absorbed, one hand is thoroughly played, and the spray can also be reduced. The role of fanturne. The principle of the spray is to reduce your sensitivity. If the drug is not sufficiently absorbed, you will go in, the drug is absorbed by the woman, and you don\’t feel it again, and it is white. Adult products delivery

Of course, you can also

take Western Medicine Delay Spray + Condom to solve , spraying Western medicine Band in the condom after class spray, can extend your battleTime can immediately participate in the battle, after all, love is too fast, just like a tornado, no one is not allowed.

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