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There is a little blood on the paper behind the same room.


There is a little blood on the paper behind the same room.

There is bleeding after the same room, which is likely to be all normal physiological phenomena, or may be due to inflammation of the urinary system. There are two normal physiological phenomena, ie after menstruation is too early, ovulation bleeding, physiological cause is vaginitis, paroxysborne endometriosis, cervical inflammation, cervical cancer or damage to external reproductive systems, etc. . Let\’s introduce the cause of blood transfusion in detail!

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1. After menstruation is clean after the same room hemorrhage

Some female friends just cleaned the room, showing the blood of the vagina. I think the menstruation is completely clean, in fact, it is still in love. The contraction is caused by sexual excitement, and the blood left in the uterine cavity is discharged from the vagina, mainly as the same cavity.
2. Ovore hemorrhage

Handful of women have the right ovulation bleeding. Determination of ovulation cycle: In the case of menstruation law, the next menstrual period was around 14 days to 13 days. Ovulation bleeding may be related to the fluctuations of female hormones before and after ovulation. Estrogen levels have temporarily declined, resulting in loss of growth hormones in uterine walls, and the uterine wall portion falls off to cause vaginal bleeding.
3. Vaginal disease

Common vaginitis is fungal vaginitis, Candida vaginitis, elderly vaginitis. Vaginitis is generally accompanied by genital itching, leucorrhea, vaginal mucosal edema, hematoma or rupture. At this time, the vaginal stimulation may appear pink secretions.
4. Paroxysborne endometriosis

Some uterine hybrids are growing in the cervix, which is purple and blue. If the couple encountered this purple and blue nodular lesion in sex, it will lead to bleeding. The amount of bleeding is generally small, dark red, and the husband and wife usually have abdominal pain.
5. Cervicitis

Cervical erosion and cervicun cysts are more common in women of childbearing age. Mild cervical erosion does not produce sexual degenerative blood; mild to moderate or even moderate or severe cervical erosion patients, except for more white bands, milky white or pale yellow suppurative mucus, blood or small amount of blood, often lower abdomen Or an ankle pain, sexual exchange of blood is the most typical symptom. The cervical cysts often highlight the cervical port, alone or more, the texture is crisp, and the tactile is easy to bleed, which is generally red.

6. Cervical cancer

Sexual exhagenation is the first symptom of sexual intercourse. There are many small blood vessels and sensitive tissues in cancer, so each sexual behavior, capillaries will bleed due to injuries. If cancer further develops, the possibility of bleeding will be larger. Most cervical cancer patients do not feel uncomfortable in the early stage, and sexual bleeding may be the only disease. Cervical cancer is also a common reason for sexual bleeding.
7. Damage to the external reproductive system

(1) Damage to the virgin: The most common thing is that the hymen is broken in the first visit.
(2) Vaginal cracking: Most of the occasional sexual life or very rude sexual life, if sexuality, the location is not good, will also cause vaginal bleeding.
(3) Vaginal plastic surgery, female film repair, female vaginal mass resection and uterus resection, the vaginal wound repair effect is not good.

Eat contraceptives, uterine mucosa under fibroids, birth control ring, dislocation, menstruation, abortion surgery and moon-phase early room, it is easy Cause infection, it is also easy to lead to sexual bloodthirsty. In addition, pregnant women bleeding, especially in order to pay attention, should be treated as soon as possible.

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