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Sexual life has more important to men


Sexual life has more important to men

Marriage seems to be dark night, the woman is like the stars, only the stars sparkle, can bring a little bright to the night. Between husband and wife, the most important thing is to live in life, as the saying goes, husband and wife quarrel bed tail and. No matter what contradictions in the two people, as long as there is no such thing as a dream, then the feelings between husband and wife will not have too much impact. So, how important is the husband and wife life? What is important to men? When the man has a pressure, the man is depressed, and the man is communicating with women, and uses love to vent … Do you love everything is a man? Have a girlfriend, you must quickly press down? Can\’t there any other ways? Will you start after getting married? Can you restrain it? Buy adult products About this topic, recently seen two good texts, share with you. Men always constantly eager new women, but they have empty emptiness after the lack of emotional sex, in fact, there is no difference between the AV to fight the plane. Because sex is not only sexual, the sex is a language, it is a bridge, which is a furnace that is related to each other. If you have a true acceptance when you make love – I like her, she likes me, then emptiness after ejaculation will not appear, but is a warm enrichment. You will want to hold her to sleep, want to guard her, or want to take her more; contrary, after buying spring or some reluctant about gun, I will feel like I have turned off a film when I finished the plane. I want to leave, because it is just to use someone\’s physical masturbation. – Seven chestnuts \”Lonely sex\” The society is positioned to male gas, which also makes men seek a certain kind of thing. Regarding the social gender role of men tells us that men are just strong, there is no tears, do not need to talk to objects, you can self-digest, intimate relationships are extraordinary. So, when the intimate relationship is only in women with women, the heart of the man is lonely. The man not only is isolated from each other, but they are actually isolated from women, but they have to be sexually submitted to each other. Sensitive manIt is not difficult to detect, when they have sex, they have a sense of security, a feeling of communication with people, a feeling that is integrated with others. Men passed sexual delivery to all needs of intimacy, care and contact. Because we have been deprived of the possibility of satisfying these needs through feelings. – Gang Gang \”third-child man\” Buy adult products The reason why sex is important, not only because of the needs of ventilation; sex, and is related to a man\’s intimate relationship. For men, those cool veins are sex. The hot charcoal fire is hormone. In fact, the man secreted is not hormon, it is gasoline. It is not a moment of burning. For men, sex is not a cake, not a luxury. Sex is a bread, it is a necessity. If the sex is better, then for women, sex is a amusement park. Play to play on weekends. For men, sex is prison. Man is turned inside, for a lifetime. Looking at the next paramusement park in the iron window. If the sex is more than the opium, then the woman is a drug addiction, I want to take a touch. The man wants opium because it is inserted with a knife on the stomach, and you must take a bite. If the sex is a desire. Then a woman is holding a sliced ​​tab and eager butter. The man is drowning and is eager to save the lifewood. Once I saw a story on the three men, I said that there is a writer and a group of students. He can almost smell the taste of hormones that are filled in the air. But he didn\’t hurt the spring and sad autumn. Instead, I am sorry, I feel completely free: I am no longer used by hormonal driving, finally free. However, I still want to say more about something else. In the past few years, I found it more and more discovered that most young people now, even those who are very elite in society, I don\’t know how to marriage (including love relationship with marriage, here no longer emphasize) What is it? . First of all, they don\’t know how to choose a partner. Although I know what the value is consistent, what extent is it? Although I know that I have to support each other, but what kind of partner can really actually support them? Sometimes I feel that the character is complementary is a good thing. Sometimes I feel that the character can be alive, so what should I choose? Problems like thisThey didn\’t think about it, and they had an answer. Buy adult products Second, they don\’t know how to move together with each other. Two people feel very good when they are in love, they will play a few years, wait until the marriage is married, and find that they have neither discussing the future life planning, nor I have to play in the other life. What role, more don\’t explore all kinds of mine areas in marriage, pre-prevention. In particular, the two did not even explore a way to solve the differences in the difference – but still forcibly married, leaving these terrible risks to the future. Finally, they don\’t know how to deal with changes. Women most like \”people will change\”. The man had to say \”I will not\” in the empty hole. People will certainly change, because life has been changing. How two people have predictable changes in life, and how to prepare common response to these estimates, most importantly, these response measures are always allowed to bear these changes together. Everything is waiting to go to the end to deal with it, and the two people should be different, and it will eventually go to different directions. Marriage is a need to be carefully investigated, planned from the creative stage, then experience countless version iteration, size adjustment, in order to successfully survive people. Marriage is also a story, you have to experience, take, turn, and. First selected the wrong partner, then lacks the running combination, then it is difficult to strain, the final result is often the tragedy.

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