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Messages that should be noted when using medicines and contraceptives


Messages that should be noted when using medicines and contraceptives

Saving is a vocational skill that many couples must master. Because of their comfort, many men regulate women to take contraceptives. In fact, drugs will cause a lot of things because taking contraceptives may cause some harmful effects on women, such as growth hormone metabolism disorders in women. Therefore, we should pay attention to the adverse effects of taking contraceptives.

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Basic principle of contraceptive medicine

1. According to the normal effect of the pituitary-pituitary-uterine shaft, inhibit the ovulation period, give full play to the central nervous system Inhibition: On the one hand, inhibition of pituitary release gonad hormone and release growth hormone (GnRH), reduce the metabolism of FSH and LH in the pituitary body, affect the development of the uterus; on the other hand, inhibit the reaction of pituitary gonadotropin release, cannot It causes the peak transformation of the yellow body before ovulation, so there is no ovulation period.
2. Change the characteristics of cervical mucus, estrogen in the vitrogen contraceptives can resist estrogen on cervical mucus, in the medication cycle, the number of cervical mucus is reduced, thickened, is not conducive to male sperm Penetration, affecting injection.
3. Changing the shape of the uterine wall and affects the escuperuts is the same as the whole process of embryonic development and the transformation of the uterine wall. Estrogen in emergency surgery resists estrogen, inhibits the reproduction of the hood wall, The adenopage is in an incomplete growth and growth, which is not conducive to the implantation of embryos.
4. Esteroids on the continuous effect of bilateral fallopian tubes on the emergency of ratchet seeds, so that all normal metabolism and intestinal abnormalities, intestinal abnormalities, sperm and egg in both sides of the tubes are abnormal. , Affect synchronous conversion, which in turn affects embryonic beds.

1. Early pregnancy policy

(1) Clinical symptoms: about 10% of women have similar early pregnancy reactions Such as mild appetite, nausea, vomiting, dizziness, lethargy, and even vomiting.

(2) Workaround: Light does not need to solve, insist on medication, relieving or retreat 2 to 3 months after returning; heavy can be taking vitamin B 2610 mg, 3 times a day, serving for 7 days. If the treatment fails, the drug can be cut, and the Chinese medicine preparation can replace or use other contraceptive methods.

2. The main results are as follows: (1) Clinical symptoms: During the medication, there are very few women with irregularities, a small amount of vaginal bleeding, called breakthrough bleeding. In addition, it is also possible to damage the quality of the pills, the medicine is incorrect, and the personal physical fitness is related to factors, which may be due to the loss of drugs, drugs (irregular administration) and contraceptive medicines, may be with the quality of the pills. Damage, the method of taking the drug is incorrect and the difference in physical fitness.
(2) Solution; blood pressure drop bleeding, no unique solution; slight bleeding, taking estradiol 1≤2 (0.005 mg ~ 0.01mg) per night, 22 days after detailed; If the vaginal bleeding is close to the physiological cycle, it should be used as a menstrual effusion, stop taking the medicine, and started medication at the 5th day of bleeding. Emergency is also considered.
3. Monthly measurement is less than

The main results are as follows: (1) Clinical symptoms: 1% ≤ 2% women\’s monthly medium is significantly reduced, even dysmenorrhea.
(2) Solution: A patient with too little menstrual volume or dysmenorrhea, most of the menstrual recovery. It can also be used: The monthly blood pressure is less blood pressure to take the estradiol 1 or 2 (0.005 mg ~ 0.01mg) to take every night, which can be taken for 22 days after emergency surgery. After stopping blood, there is still no menstrual challenge and pregnant person should have emergency survival in the next week on the 7th day of the drug, so as not to affect the actual effect of contraceptive measures. Supplements those who continue to have menstruation to stop for two months, should take into account the types of contraceptives; if there is no menstrual tide after withdrawal, there is still a menstrual tide, should stop the drug examination, waiting for the menstrual recovery, seek medical treatment, find the reason . Other birth methods are needed during emergency stop. \”

4. Skin pigmentation

The main results are as follows: (1) Clinical symptoms: Few women have discontinued light brown depression after serving medicine.

(2) Solution: Inaction, most women can dissipate or reduce melanin after quit drugs.

5. Weight increase

(1) Clinical symptoms: few women are taking long-term The first generation or the second generation of estrogenous emergency measuresIncrease, this is related to estrogen in emergencus or hypotaemia caused by estrogen.
(2) Workaround: Although the rest weight has increased, it does not cause obesity, nor does it affect your physical and mental health. It is generally not necessary to treat, which can be removed, and in order to emerge in the third-generation estrogen.

6. Other symptoms

Occasional headache, chest pain, strabismar, rash or sexual desire change, etc., can be solved symptomatic treatment, and severely detained.

Insensitive factors

1. Improper drug storage, such as disrupted, melting, mildew, etc.
2. There is no sufficient commissioning.
3. After the same room, I didn\’t take medicine as required.

4. Because it is careless and missed clothes.
5. Fever or sick will cause more serious vomiting and diarrhea.

6. Leffiping, Nonag Nishi, gramps, furanine, phenoba-bit sodium, chloramphenicol and ampicillin.

9. External drugs can be digested and absorbed in the fetus.

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