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Ma Yi\’s anger \”vaginal dumbbell\”, is amazing more than a little

Ma Yi\’s anger \”vaginal dumbbell\”, is amazing more than a little

Talking about \”sex\” era, is it true?

No, Ma Yizhen reflected an article

\”I bought a box of vaginal dumbbells\”

, Because there is a \”vagina\” word, some people immediately ridiculed Ma 琍.

Ma 琍 microblogging

Actually, the content of the article is too real. Telling a second child, when you play with your child, suddenly leaving the urine and rushing the pants when running, then go to the hospital to find the problem, and finally strive to rehabilitate the story.

The most sad thing is that the original author has been diapers 25 years, but in these 25 years, no one tells her,

This is a disease and it can be treated.

\”I bought one

because the information is blocked, Because it is difficult to teeth to his own confusion, most women don\’t realize the importance of postpartum rejuvenation , just silently tolerate the various kinds of embarrassment and pain.
This time, Ma Yi is reflecting the article with \”coming\”, just wants to call for women to care for themselves, and hope that the obstetrician can give women to women. More related knowledge.


invisible pot bottom The muscle, from the inside out, they

above the above When you run, you suddenly rose urine, in fact, the symptoms of pelvic muscles.

Most people know that the biceps, abdominal muscles, and chest muscles, and some people know what the pelvic bottom muscle is?

The pelvic bottom muscle refers to the muscle group that seals the pelvic belt.

It holds pelvic organs such as uterus, bladder and rectum, fixed organ positions and maintains their physiological functions, such as urination, vaginal tighteningness, etc.

Pelvic floor muscle position diagram

Some people say that

couple live good, the key is not strong.

In fact, our pelvic bottom muscles are very fragile. According to incomplete statistics,

Averages averages pelvic insert muscle disorderly every 3 women.

Dropping, only the initial symptoms of potted in the potted dysfunction, if not treated, with age, especially the change of hormone changes, will also have a considerable risk of risk.

Generally, the potterial dysfunction does not endanger life, just run, laugh, jump, can\’t prevent urine Can you accept it?

Therefore, a pelvic floor muscle repair must be made after postpartum.

// Are you okay? I

resulting in damage to the pelvic muscle damage There are two most common causes of deformation:




According to data display, 50% of women have been married, 50% have different degrees of potted muscle functional disorders. However, they don\’t know, This disease is fixed.

42 days to 1 year after childbirth, it is the best time to repair the bottom muscle, and

is repaired golden gold. Period.

postpartum bottom muscle repair, does not mean us It is necessary to go to the postpartum recovery center, do a variety of repair treatments, but 42 days after childbirth During the hospital review

basin floor function test.

Whether you are

Natural delivery


cesarean section

, it must be done, and the problem is found as soon as possible.

For the treatment of pelvic bottom muscle relaxation, it is necessary to treat and cooperate with electrical stimulation when necessary; but most mothers belong to a mild pot bottom muscle, You can choose to perform

pelvic floor rehabilitation training


Currently, it is most famous and proves effective exercises for the pot bottom muscles.

However, compared to a simple Kazh Movement, we recommend the author to buy in the author

vaginal dumbbell

It is the practice equipment of Kaiguel sports, which can help us quickly find the feeling of muscles in the pot, and maximize the training effect!

Today, I will introduce it to a smart vaginal dumbbell –

Charm Kazakh Master Second generation



, it is the charm of intelligent Kai Gal ball second generation new products.

Appearance, charm Kazakh Master Second generation made

dumbbell shape

according to human characteristics

, this shape is very suitable for exercise Degree; magnetic charging ball design, small and hidden, very intimate; food grade silicone material , touch is very comfortable, no need to worry about safety.

As long as it is gently stuffed into the little sister, shrink, relax and shrink, and have no foreign body.

charm Kazakh Master Second generation shrinking ball

As a king player in the intelligent shrinking ball, when the charm of Kazakh Master Second generation passed Bluetooth and \”Kaiguel Master \”After the app connection, you can open Kaiguel five major care system

training mode. This is a very systematic postpartum repair, with precise real-time data analysis, helping us to exercise step-by-footed muscles.

Everyone knows the correct posture and effort to practice yoga Off is important, otherwise it is not only useless, but it may cause harm to the body joint. Doing the basin floor rehabilitation training, to find the correct position correctly. Therefore, We need professional coaches to supervise the actions.

In the middle of the charm of Kazakh, there is a professional \”accompanying coach\”,

only when we put the shrinking When it is correct, it will generate a pressure value change

, thereby triggeting the bird flying on the app; when the position is wrong, the pelvic bottom muscles cannot be used to force on the sensor, and the birds do not move. .

Someone asked, is only the birth of hot mom to do pelvic muscle training? of course not.

Seeds of office family, pregnant women or pursuit of firm young sister paper

can also do it!

Adhere to the use of the charm of Kazakh Master Second generation follow the app in the app, lying on training 6 minutes a day, 3 ~ 4 weeks after you Will feel that the vaginal contraction is self-contained, and the climax is more sensible; long-term exercise is the effect of repairing the repair, solving the laughter, sneezing, joys the juvenile.

I hope that everyone will not only have a full full hip muscle

There is a free

potted muscle


– end –

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