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Lumbar disc herniation and sex function


Lumbar disc herniation and sex function

With the change of our work mode, more and more people are sitting for a long time rather than exercising. This will bring questions to our lumbar discs. Lumbar disc herniation can be said to be a chronic disease, after the disease, the patient\’s waist will have pain. Although middle-aged and elderly people are prone to lumbar disc herniation, more and more young people have just begun to develop lumbar disc herniation. So, does the lumbar disc herniation affect male sexual function?

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The main reason for lumbar disc herniation is that long-term compression or case is incorrect, after loss of elongation and elongation, due to partial metabolic resistance results in fiber ring embrittlement .

If you work hard, you can split the fiber ring, and the marrow is released around the nerve root around it, causing low back pain, backside compression neuralgia, or lower limb pain and anesthesia.

Lumbar disc herniation is not as terrible as the patient\’s imagination. It is not a final disease, mainly to take treatment measures, suitable for treatment, can be cured, the key to treatment is the repair of the elongation and elongation of the fiber ring, and soften the protruding myeloid, so that the treatment is cured.
Does the husband and wife life are related to the lumbar disc herniation?

Modern scientific research found that happiness husband and wife housing is not only beneficial to husband and wife, but also has the effect of preventing infectious diseases, can reduce breast hyperplasia, breast fibroma, uterine fibroids, can also reduce male prostatitis Produce. \”As everyone knows, in the clinical medical work, it often sees patients who have highlighted their lives due to lumbar disc herniation and don\’t have access to each other, causing husband and wife to rupture, and mild lumbar disc herniation and male functional relationships are not large. And it is not easy to affect the related activities of the spine nerve central nervous system, and will not be exposed to the demonstration of related technological activities. Therefore, the patient\’s male function can remain stable and the moderate and medium weight lumbar disc herniation, the lumbar spondylosis will be restricted, lift the foot The posture will also be limited, the sexual life is not good, or too frequent, or the posture is too large, not only causes low back pain, but also causes lumbar disc herniation, especially those with lumbar disc herniation, will continue to aggravate the condition

When a couple lives, especially on the stage, sexual intercourse requires more ordinary and strong waist posture assistance, which is very difficult, and will increase back painStatus. what is the reason?

(1) The first example is a centralized lumbar disc herniation, and the protruding myeloid is oppressed horseshoe nerve. Leading to anesthesia, stool, urinary dysfunction, function expansion, male dysfunction, premature ejaculation, occult urinary retention, blooming, genericity, long-term, and cloudy percentage.

(2) Due to myodeelinal protrusion, root damage, waist back pain, fear activity

(3) lumbosacral neurophagia, muscle atrophy, pelvic muscle weakness, influence Happiness.

The basic theory of traditional Chinese medicine believes that heavy wrestling, too much sex, can cause kidney deficiency. Couple sex life low back pain mainly in the waist, or both sides; or only in the intervertebral disc management center, cross or combined back, leg, knee, abdomen, side pain, called \”lumbosacral pain\” or \”waist leg\” pain\”.

Modern science believes that the main ingredient of night fine is a small amount of protein, and more couples have little effect on the human body. no. Analysis of the whole process of physiological needs from the physiological needs of couples, most organs of the human body participate in the entire process. Although the actual principles are unclear, the stimulation and inhibition of the neurological and sympathetic nerves of the waist central nervous and sympathetic nerves, the gathering of blood, the muscle contraction and the left ventricle have a big impact on lumbar tissue. If this effect is often, it can lead to a decrease in the blood circulation system of the lumbar disc, and the water content of the lumbar disc is lowered, and the backache is afraid of cold. As a result, the lumbar muscle strain, the lumbar disc is soft, and the lumbar disc protrudes to leave a safety hazard. Therefore, patients with diffuse low back pain or lumbar disc herniation should choose the appropriate sexual intercourse position according to their own health, prevent some labor in the waist, and appropriately allocate the frequency of the couple\’s lives.

So what questions should be paid attention to when lumbar disc herniation patients are carrying out their husband and wife:

1. It is not always too much: Because the husband and wife\’s organs live throughout the process, the stimulation and inhibition of the waist nerve, the gathering of blood, the muscle contraction and the left ventricle have a big impact on lumbar tissue. If the couple lives too frequent, it will cause the blood circulation system of the lumbar discs to fall slowly.Lumbar discs are lowered, low back pain, fear of cold, thus making lumbar muscles and lumbar discs, and the lumbar discs have highlighted the safety hazards.

2. Massage before life: Before and after the husband and wife, you should do a moderate waist massage posture, and quickly massage for 1-2 minutes on both sides of the waist, and can reduce the low back pain caused by the couple.
3. Choose a suitable posture: Mild patient, the couple\’s life is best to choose the up and down life posture, if you choose a phased life posture, you should pay attention to the safety and prosperity of sex, don\’t need too much force, and you don\’t have to produce a significant waist rotation and bending.

For the medium-weight lumbar disc herniation, when the symptoms are obvious, the daily life is terminated. If both husband and wife are obviously expected to survive, patients should take up and down life, which can greatly reduce the chance of sudden rotation and bending of lumbar vertebrae.
Patients with lumbar disc herniation should choose appropriate sexual intercourse posture and position. Female patients can use hip, knee buckling posture. Male patients can change their position, female patients can take hip, knee flexes, to avoid waist muscle strains.
4. If the condition is lighter, it should be treated as conservative. It is possible to select conventional treatment of acupuncture treatment, massage, traditional Chinese medicine acupuncture, etc. to carry out reliable designated medical institutions. You can also choose Chinese medicine soft paste to wound and related acupuncture points. Depending on the biochemical reaction of the Chinese herbal medicine, the volume of the cone soft tissue protrusion (78% filled with moisture) can be reduced until melting, retreating, thereby eliminating neurodejection and promoting repair. In addition, it is possible to suppress the development trend of thickening and hyperplasia, release the adhesion of blood vessels and tendons, eliminate sterile inflammation, promote the digestive absorption of sterile tissue to nutrients, improve ductility, and finally achieve the purpose of eliminating the disease, pain relief and complete recovery treatment. It is highly recommended to paste

When the condition is serious, the husband and wife will end: When the patient is serious, it should end the life of her husband and wife. If the life of the wife, if the life of the husband and wife, the life of the husband and wife should be prevented, and the undergoing life is It should reduce the sudden rotation and distortion of the waist circumference should be reduced.
6. More serious diseases should be treated as soon as possible: if there is anesthesia in the Yin area, the shrinkage function is expanded, premature ejaculation, vulva and Yin Emperors believe that the delay should be treated immediately. If you don\’t choose to wake up in 2 weeks after surgery, butAfter at least 2 to 3 months of husband and wife, if the postoperative is fixed, the fixed time is 4 months. In the same way, the sexual life of the couple can repair the gypsum after 2 to 3 months after the gypsum.
7. Some drugs will affect the production of pregnancy: some painkillers, such as non-Nishi, Baotou Song, etc., will inhibit sperm quality for a long time, have a certain impact on pregnancy.

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