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It is not painful after the same bed.

It is not painful after the same bed.

Bleeding after the same room is a more common female disease. If there is a symptom of modern self-esteem, not the first sexual life, explaining women\’s gynecological diseases, such as cervicitis, cervical cysts, cervical cancer, paroxysborne endometriosis, pelvic inflammatory disease, sexual damage Wait. In order to alleviate this disease, patients need to immediately go to the hospital for regular examination and treatment.

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Key reasons

1. Cervitis (erosion): 90% of married women suffer from cervitis. Cervicitis is divided into three types of cervical erosion: light, medium and severe. Mild to moderate cervical erosion, men\’s penis head frocket, can cause damage to bleeding. Because this bleeding is small, it is not immediately out, just in the female vagina, blood color is new. Therefore, when discharged the next day, the blood is dark red.
2. Cervical cysts. The cervix is ​​stimulated by long-term inflammation, which will produce cervicun cysts. The cervix is ​​tissue, which looks like a green bean sprout, close to the finger. The cyst material is crunchy, and it will bleed one, so the husband and wife will have a bleeding after sexual behavior. This bleeding is usually bright red.
3. Cervical cancer. Bleeding after sexual life is the most basic situation. Due to many small blood vessels and sensitive tissues in cancer diseases, the capillaries are bleeding due to damage after sexual life. If the cancer is further developed, it is more likely to bleeding.
4. Paroxysborne endometriosis: Some uterine hybrid advantages are growing and developing in the cervix, which is purple and blue. If the couple encountered this purple and blue disorderly lesions in sex, it will lead to bleeding. The amount of bleeding is generally less, the color is dark red, and the husband and wife always abdominal pain after sex life.
5. Pelvic inflammatory disease. Pelvic inflammation can cause pelvic congestion. If the uterine wall swelling edema, sexual life can make hematoma bleeding, but this opportunity is very small.
6. Sexual damage. The common part of sexual damage is a curved hole after the vaginal, which sometimes leads to a 3 cm long door, which is a place sufficient to reach the back or abdomen outside the abdomen. Once this happens, you must go to the hospital as soon as possible. Depending on the details of damage, gynecologists will take appropriate treatment, such as female vaginal closing sandbars or intestinal sewing to activate blood circulation.

Prevention mode

1. Sexual intercourse should prevent cervical erosion.
When the total area of ​​the cervical erosion accounted for 2% of the cervical area, it was the third cervical erosion, also known as middle, severe cervical erosion, it is called it is medium and severe cervicitis. Cervical erosion level III will be more modern white belt, yellow color, thick and odor, stimulating private parts causing itching. Sometimes there will be irregular bleeding or irregular vaginal bleeding after life, and you can find frequent urination and urination. When the inflammation diffuses to the pelvis, the lumbosacral pain, the abdominal distension and the pain continue to occur, and the symptoms heavier during physiological, feces or sexual life.

2. Preventing the sexual bleeding of the cervical hypertrophy

Gynecological examination: inflammatory response can be seen in cervical hematoma, emphysema or erosion, suppurative secretions, white honestone tube discharge, mobile cervix will have pain feel. It can be seen that there are different degrees of erosion, fat, cyst, and gland suman swelling, valgus, or ravatory secretions, cervical palpation. If it is cervical erosion or cyst, there may be irregular bleeding.

Repair mode

If the sexual life is poorly leading to the bleeding, the husband and wife should jointly learn the gender knowledge, understand the other party, and cooperate to cooperate to take appropriate methods and body. Women should release stress in the spiritual world, do not have to worry about frustration, eliminate unnecessary scruples. The man is fully prepared for women, such as touching them to cause women\’s excitement. Sex love posture is gentle, don\’t rude, don\’t insert the vagina before you have enough moisture. Middle-aged women, the private parts of sexual life can use ointments to improve the smoothness of the vagina and avoid shrinkage. Want to control the life of the couple, and the physiological period is strictly forbidden. Women over 40 years old should be alert to the possible malformation of sexually transmitted blood. \”

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