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Is it harmful to use a plane cup for a long time?

Is it harmful to use a plane cup for a long time?

Recently, there are many people asking Xiaoji asking aircraft cup . In this regard, Xiaomei feels necessary to universally understand the knowledge of the plane cup, so that everyone can be healthy, rest assured, is it harmful to use the aircraft cup for a long time? Xiao Love believes: is not a problem, can\’t be self-suppressed, many times, beyond tolerance, is a problem. The aircraft cup will have any hazards for a long time Sino-foreign scholars, Dr. Golden Senior, China\’s Chinese-backed Big Cofama, who believes that the tube is harmless. First extracting the authority of the \”Golden Symnology Report\” About Mathered Arts: Chang In recent decades, educators, mental analysis doctors, psychologists and Many people who have been generally medical education agree that: Masturbation on the role of the body, and the role of any other consistent activities is not fundamentally different. There are 5,100 people who have surveyed 5,100 people with masturbation. 92% -97% of all men have masturbation. In the women we investigated, nearly 2,800 masturbation, which only a few flesh or mental damage can be considered to be a large amount of damage caused by masturbating this activity is the troubles of masturbation and trying to quit. Cause. However, the Chinese and foreign folks have considered harmful, many people say how they are because they are, so I will break the casserole, and I talk about many of the details. \”There is a sentence\” Through the dose and talk about toxicity \”. Similarly, there is a harmful harmful and harmful, and personal physique, etc. One day, and one week, can you be the same? The same frequency, the body is good and the body is not good, can you? One day big fish big meat, a daily radish green, can you? Therefore, the general is harmful, do you think is reliability? So, keep 2-3 times a week, the most healthy! While getting the body and mind, you can exercise sensitiveDegree, extended 嘿 time. About masturbating I feel that the law deal with is very simple: 1, accept it. No matter what is online addiction, smoke addiction, addiction, and more serious. Because this is the total usage of all the outside worlds and inner, you have to accept it, things have the reason. It is not self-blaming for temporary control. 2, the acceptance is over. At the same time, we must start consciously cultivate other hobbies and good habits. 3, starting to participate in new lifestyles is definitely uncomfortable, for example, I am still very fearful when I start socializing, it is uncomfortable, uncomfortable, this time must work hard, must insist that they can\’t say it. (Of course, this process is not anxious, not self-blaming). 4, slowly, as long as you are not stupid, will always habits and adapt to other lifestyle and good habits. At this time, congratulations, you have already joined the rhythm, you will find that those addiction is not so big, because you have many other more meaningful things. Then I slowly consolidate, you will find it, control them, how long does it take to play how long to play, when do you want to 撸? Daxie cured water, not blocked. It is best not to find a way, with a lot of so-called details, skills to block desires, it is better to learn it, it will lead to a suitable location. Finally, the problem of the aircraft cup selection, Xiaomega suggestion: It is recommended to play a low irritation and soft material. Electric, inside with bump stimulating aircraft cup, it is easy to just enter and spray, enjoy the process, do not say, will also be suspicious of yourself is not premature ejaculation. Therefore, a soft manual aircraft cup is most suitable for novice. Xiaomei is here to emphasize a little here: the lower the stimulation, the finer the material, the more comfortable, the closer to the lives. The smaller the material, the more strong stimuli, the more sense of degree. Medium Players There is not so much attention, mainly paying attention to experience. What is a model, anal, blowjob, manual, electric cup, can be used anywhere. Xiaomei suggests that during purchase, the middle-level player should be mainly used by electric cups, strong stimuli, and more obvious. When it is a senior player, it naturally has its own set of theories, and it is more free to choose a plane cup. The entity doll has always been favored by high-end players. Note: 1, essential items during use – Lubricant ! 2, odor and oil problems – After cleaning, there is no sputum / preservation site. 3, the weareable sleeve can also be wear (recommended not to wear). 4, cleaning is a bathing / special cleaning liquid, and water is poured into rinsing. 5, towels are died in dry water, and the internal use of chopsticks into towels. 6, preserved in ventilation, cool, dry place.

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