After the 90s, girls turn their fun stores into \”sex class\”


After the 90s, girls turn their fun stores into \”sex class\”

Sex, it seems to be seen. Southern Lights are dim, and the sex shop is always hidden. Even the Y Dao also uses \”sister\”, \”below\” and other synonymous. Anna and Luxi two 90 girls, I hope to put \”gender topics\” in the sun … \”Sex is a gift that God gave to human beings, why don\’t you avoid?\” Shuanglang Lu Rozi bluntly.

bright The store is full of amenities, holding a workshop about sexual joy; \”Sex love is a gift that God gives human beings, why don\’t you avoid it?\” Shuanglang Luo Song bluntly.
Emotional supplies store clerk Anna and shop owner Luothy
Parents are very conservative for masturbation

Anna\’s work, in addition to greeting guests, will also shoot sexy toys to open the box, and talk back . In front of the lens, she is born behind the lens, but her parents think that she is engaged in \”customer service\”, \”they are Christians, gay is unable to accept.\”

▼ Anna\’s \”employee welfare\” is a try to use the same kind of fun, and the lingerie also samples can be tried? Some toys can achieve a state in 1 minute? ▼
This American brand of sex toys, Anna refers to rose gold plus shallow pink color matching, first eye Will be a skin care tool.
Anna said that the biggest feature of this vain toy is quiet, even if it is the strongest vibration, it will not be perceived. It is extremely high privacy.
Anna tried to use the Bullet vibrator, when you open to the strongest frequency, you can enter the state in 1 minute, soon you can achieve a pleasure.
LuSH has always been a popular product of the fun toy, Anna said that this is the most correct vibrator. In order to have an arc of the Lush with an egg, it can concentrate G point. The tail is narrowed, so that women will not feel discomfort in the body.

Lush can be controlled by APP, which also becomes an increase in sex between Anna and boyfriend.
Anna plant grass, Satisfyer Love Triangle Bean vibration suck, attached to the cover can be cleaned, avoid dust
Anna said that very little suction flakes attached to the vibration function, and Satisfyer Love Triangle can bring their own double stimulation, and it The shape design is like a beauty appliance, and it is also convenient to collect
Anna once tried the flavor, she bluntly Sweet but completely no more medicinal flavor, taste is like explosive sugar

Dynne Middle School, because of curiosity, he was found by his parents to have a browsing \”love action film\”, which was severely criticized. During the negative feeling of sex, the public discussing in the family is the heaven and night, even if the sneak touch, I feel \”do something wrong\”, Anna middle school began masturbation, \”On the one hand, on the other hand, it is ashamed.\”

\”乖\” is transfulted, and the turning point is in the university period. Anna reads the gender research course. It has begun to realize that it is a \”can take it\”. \”Talking on the paper\” is not enough, but alsoThe other half of her. \”The boyfriend is very positive for sexual love.\” After someone is entangled, it is closed, just like a \”spring dream.\” Anna boyfriend often will \”spread out\”, discuss everyone\’s preferences and feelings in bed, and let her understand that a happy sex life is \”pour\”.
Anna thought that the discussion was very shameful.
Now Anna serves a sexual product store, in addition to introducing the product, it will incorporate \”counselor\”, listen to the workers\’ troubles and recommendations.

From time to time, the shop will hold a workshop, transformed into a \”sexual education class\”; she is also the volunteer of sex education \”sugar\”, and sharing in social platform on weekdays The correct knowledge, answers a variety of problems in the discussion area, and will also go to the middle school to hold a sexual education workshop.

From a negative feeling of sexual love, to gradually change, then to public discussion, Anna has expected to be labeled as \”public toilets\”, \”放 放\”, etc. She didn\’t hesitate. \”If even these comments are afraid, how to promote popularity education (Sex-Positive

The growth of women\’s school is never taboo
Lu Ruxi\’s true enlightenment, and Anna is like two countries.

Sexy from her, she is never \”forbidden fruit\”. She recalls the period of curious period, she will still laugh, she is in the small president, Talking is never taboos, \”13, 14 years old and classmates first entered your life toy store. At that time, the sexual goods store counter will put a bucket filled with condoms, pumping a group of yuan.\” She said this process as soon \”Yes\” is usually normal, not half a bit of shame.
Lu Roud used to read female schools, and there was no taboo between homosexual friends.
Talking about the sexual events of those years, she is endless, \”I have traveled with a partner to Taiwan, to the fun supplies store to buy a set in the penis ball ring, intimate, ball Suddenly all scattered. \”Now I think it is funny, but I am thrilling,\” I am afraid that the ball will fall into the body, try to find it, but I still owe one, but now I am safe. \”
That experience buried seeds, let her conscious sex toys are the most important thing is safe rather than the head, becoming the primary principles for choosing the goods after the store. Lu Lu not talked, and he also understood the sex. She understood that there were many female experiences to marry and have no cognac. They still had no knowledge of happiness:

Our store has Many middle-aged female customers, they may love the husband, the big man does not understand your companions, and the fun toys are like their intimate way.

Use banana teaching \”weaver condom\”

Anna and Luothy growth Background, a conservative, one open, but the two are pair, and it will not be solved. Chinese cultural circle education is still staying with bananas to teach \”wear condom\”, talking about sexual love and enjoyment.

Anna shared her to have a misconduct, \”I thought that sex toys must be a lot of bacteria, massage sticks are likely to support Y.\”
Lu Lu and Anna have misunderstood sex.

The on-screen version of the fees, the adult table of the charging TV, is once the way to contact the topic, and she is open to sexual attitude, but does not represent sex knowledge. \”rich. \”It used to rely on calculation safety as a contraceptive method, so that this is really \’safety\’.\” After reading the reading education book, participating in the education workshop, understand the safety period is actually \”dangerous\”, ovulation is healthy, life pressure Many factors such as emotions, it will be unexpectedly pregnant.

The sexy massage stick makes the gender intimate life \”dead return\”?
Sexual knowledge, can learn, intimate relationship from class or book, is the practice with the partner, there is no shortcut. Some people regard the sex toys as \”Ling Dan Miants\”. It is imperative to have a vibrator or massage stick to make the gender intimate life.
Luo Wei and Anna have met many men to choose the fun supplies for their partners, but asking, do not understand the preferences or sensitive belts of the partner in bed. In the face of the total products of Lin Lin, there is no start, and there is also a guest \”empty-handed\”, but \”sex toys\” may become the opportunity of his first \”discussion\” with the partner.
The sex toy is not a panacea, only assistance, can not depend on.
The sexy supplies have a lot of fun, but dependent, it may be inert, I don\’t want to spend my heart, Lu Ruxi said:

The sex toy is always just helper, it will not be the main dish, and there is no toy to go to the world, meet everyone.

The reason why sexual love is pleasant, sometimes unrelated, but in the most sincere communication, feel the love of each other.
Japanese movie star in the Men\’Smax sex underwear

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