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Adolescent education should pay attention to which aspects of youth education


Adolescent education should pay attention to which aspects of youth education

In daily life, we often see news about \”Youth Education\” on TV, but many people have some evading for this topic, do not want to talk, don\’t want to talk, I don\’t know how to talk. So, do you know what is adolescence ? Adolescent education What is the need to know? The following small series will introduce you in detail.
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What is adolescent education

Youth period education is 12-L 8-year-old adolescents are conducting health education, and is a key stage of the whole education. It mainly teaches scientific sex knowledge, correction and behavioral deviations and behavioral deviations, and establish a healthy sense of sex. Youth sex education is conducted for adolescents into adolescent physiology and psychological characteristics. From the general, it is generally personality education, education, ideological and moral education, patriotism, compliance with law-abiding education, sexual knowledge and sexual moral education. Integrated education. Sexual knowledge education can guide adolescent retention of physiological and mental health; sexual ethics can help young people build a noble sentiment in the process of successful completion of adolescents, self-esteem, self-respect, self-care education, and beneficial Sound development of adolescent personality.

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The necessity of adolescent education

Human adolescence is the starting point for sexual development, and the smoothness of sexual development directly affects Ideological and moral and scientific and cultural qualities, and the composition of the happy family. In our country. Since the long time, \”sex\” has been discounted. Avoidability problems everywhere. Parents do not speak to their children, the teacher does not tell students. But \”sex\” is a human instinct, there is no normal channel learning knowledge, and it will inevitably obtain some nature of nominary and unrecognized sexual knowledge through abnormal channels, and the results can only lead to malformation development.

my country\’s teenagers, 13-year-old girl 58% have menstruation, 14 years old boy 53% have ejaculation; for ejaculation or menstruation ExperiencedIn the boy, incorrect sexual knowledge often leads to a series of serious consequences. Such as male adolescents, under the influence of \”one drip, ten blood\”, will have anxiety, fear, inferiority and sin, but not only affect the study and health in front of you, but also for future family happiness and physical health. Bring unfavorable factors. When the girl has a menstrual period, if it is ignorant. If you do some stupid things, if you regard menstrual supplies as a dark matter, hide hide, causing infection; there is a time to leave due to menstruation, creating a menstrual period Fatigue, leading to dysmenorrhea, menstruation disorders, etc., the heavy psychological burden on the end. Adult products sheep eye circles

Therefore, the whole society should promote youthful education for adolescents, and youth themselves should be responsible for the non-discipline, serious systematic learning physiology, sexual psychology and morality. This is both itself, and it is also an obligation to society.

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1. Correct treatment of the nocturnal emission

Adult products sheep eye circles The emergence of a boy\’s nocturnal emission, It is marked that male shooting is gradually starting to ripe. After men enter adolescence, the central nervous system is gradually maturing and stimulating the secretion of androgen. The testicular gradually develops and produces sperm. After a certain amount, the body is discharged in the manner of a certain amount, so the nocturnal emission is a common normal physiological phenomenon in the young people, and there is no harm to health, and it is not necessary for this. After the nocturnal emission, clean the body in time, change the laundry.

2, correctly look at masturbation Need for adolescent education

Adult products sheep eye circles Masturbation is teenual puberty A mature physiological performance is a relatively common phenomenon in adolescents. From the perspective of medical perspectives, if it is occasionally, it is a masturbation in a masturbation, which is a masturbation. However, frequent masturbation is large for physical and psychological damage.

3, avoid premature behavior Adolescent sexual organs are not fully developed, premature
Sexual life not only seriously affects the physical and mental health of teenagers, but also disrupts their endocrine system, which is very easy to cause reproductive system disease. Psychological, will lead to anxiety, irritability, and forming psychological shadows.

4, anti-sexual infringement Adult products sheep eye circles

Youth girl has basically has mature women\’s body shape, but the maturity, self-protection The awareness is not enough, and it is easy to be infringed by criminals. Therefore, you should pay special attention to the daily life of adolescents: do not wear exposed clothes, do not make makeup, try to inform parents in time, do it in case of case. In addition, friends can also purchase some prevention of anti-infringement products in

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Mall for defense. Finally, if you find that you have such or such problems, such as masturbation, menstruation is not adjusted, the sexual desire is excessive, love is frustrated, and the opposite sex is obstacles, etc. It should be honest and seriously treated correctly, actively resolved in various ways and channels, such as looking for a friend to talk about thinking, ask for advice to the elder, go to the hospital to check the treatment, or write to the news publishing department, you can\’t help but discard, let go Self-flow, or ashamed to kick, silently enduring the pain, so as not to cause serious consequences.
In the above, Xiaobian introduced what is the necessity of youth-term education and adolescent education knowledge. In addition, Xiaobian also introduced the sex knowledge that you must understand in adolescents. I hope this article can help everyone.

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